WUW (Chatty edition): Beach walk, Omani Wedding and Movie talk!

Hello wonderful people! What are you all up to today?

So my week hasn’t been all too exciting this time. I did plan on doing some good stuff for you guys but for some reason things didn’t go as planned. Sorry!

On Thursday, my brother in law and I spent the day together for some brother sissy bonding. We went to Hayat Beach and a couple more viewing spots in Muscat. It was pleasant and breezy that day, so we thought it would be lovely to head out. However, the sun shining so bright on top of our heads kinda ruined everything for us.

Anyhoo, here are some pictures!






On Friday, I had the chance to attend an Omani wedding, which was quite the experience I had. I had never been to an Arab wedding, so I went without a clue of what to expect. But judgements aside, I had a good time. Witnessed the other side of the abaya for one, tasted typical Omani food, barely kept my sh*t together on the caked up faces of the women (fun fact: I love makeup. I truly do. But very rarely do I wear it heavy! I just can’t bear it on me or on others!), and tapped my feet away to the various songs and dances. But the bride is so beyond sweet, I was really happy to see her! I don’t have pictures of the event for obvious reasons.

I also got nominated this week by my lovely fellow blogger Asma who writes over on makeupdreamerblog.wordpress.com for the Blogger Recognition Award. I feel so honoured by this nomination and so giddy happy that my little nook on the internet is reaching people everywhere and is growing each day. I will be posting a separate blogpost on this nomination soon. Keep an eye out!

On Saturday, my husband and I were to go see xXx: Return of Xander Cage but we couldn’t make it for some reason. (Note: My husband is named Sameer. I will be writing his name if I ever mention him from now on. It’s exhausting writing ‘my husband, my husband’ all the time!)
I’m not a huge fan of the genre but I love Nina Dobrev and Deepika Padukone. And the two of them alongside Vin Diesel, man I nearly pooped my pants when I heard this was going to be a thing!

Which reminds me, has anyone seen La La Land? What’s up with the insane Oscar nominations? I love the starring couple, but by the looks of the trailer, I just couldn’t drag myself to the cinema for it! Let me know in the comments below if it was even worth watching, let alone the nominations!

Until Sunday.
Take care my chums!

Hiba x

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  1. Urooba. says:

    Woah Nina and Deepika together..gotta watch this one!

  2. Marium says:

    Loved this post 😀

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