What’s up Wednesdays? Our First Anniversary!


This first What’s up Wednesdays post is a very special one because I’ve had an amazing week! For starters, I flew back to my home in Muscat, Oman (I had been visiting my parents in Karachi, Pakistan for a while). It was beyond satisfying to be reunited with my husband after an awfully long month. That evening, my in-laws had planned a surprise (early) first anniversary celebration for us, which was so incredibly sweet of them.

Then, on our actual wedding anniversary- January the 1st,  my lovely husband took me to a nice little restaurant called STRAITS at the Hormuz Grand Hotel for dinner.  Most of the other restaurants were fully booked for New Years dinner but this one was surprisingly pretty much empty. We had Dj Miki Love sat on the table behind us, which was a nice surprise.



Food wise, we were hoping for a nice buffet but unfortunately that evening their buffet was very limited, so we opted for the A la Carte instead.

We chose to sit outside in candle light by the pool in very pleasant weather and ordered fresh juices; pineapple for my hubby and grapefruit for yours truly.  At first we felt that there was a tad bit something missing to give the ambience a touch of perfection. But just as we were about to order from the menu, the flames in the middle of the pool lit up in perfect timing. Such stunners! They provided ample light and also radiated the right amount of heat from a distance, which did amazing things to us considering the thick fog situation going on in the city.


With the light shining bright, we ordered the starters and the main course.

For a start we went for the Arabic Cold Mezzeh selection which includes Hummus, Tabouleh, Fattoush, and Moutable with Pita Bread (which I forgot to take pictures of because we were starving!)

Once that was all down our tummies, we were served with our main course. I had ordered their Sweet and Sour Fish with a side of Jasmine rice.


And my hubby with his love for Thai food ordered the Pad Thai.


After a good meal we had to walk around the pool to make space for the dessert. The fog and dew made the floor wet and I was wearing a long dress, so you can only imagine how cold I was feeling at my feet!



To be honest, we didn’t particularly fancy anything from the restaurants dessert selection. In the mood for something chocolaty, we went for a drive on the Expressway and cruised to the Starbucks at Avenues Mall to eat their Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake. (Again, no picture. Horrible blogger I am.) I promise you it was dee-lish!

Then home sweet home it was.

P.S. Extremely sorry for the crap image quality. I forgot to take my camera along. *Makes note to self to never forget again*

Have a lovely week!


Hiba x

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  1. Sana says:

    Love the interior of the restaurant happy anniversary 🙂

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