What’s up Wednesdays? Hauls!

Hi my lovelies!

How has your week been? I’ve had a lovely week. Read on ahead if you would like to know what I did and what I hauled!

January is one of the (few) best weeks to be living in Muscat, Oman. We’ve been having amazing weather lately, so we decided to head to the beach on Friday. The winds were chilly and the tides high. It was lovely walking next to the crashing waves and the breeze cold, making our noses icy!


I hauled a couple of items as well. I wanted to try out the Nivea Oil in Body Milk in Glowing Rose since it came out.


In love! The scent didn’t wow me but the effect surely did! It’s nice and rich and keeps my hands hydrated for a long time. The best part is, it gives the skin such a beautiful glow! There are no chunky glitter particles or anything, just a stunning sheen. Would definitely recommend!

I also restocked on my St. Ives Apricot Scrub (holy grail for years now!). I have other scrubs that I love, but something just doesn’t feel right if I don’t see this on my bathroom shelf. Great classic product!


Another restock was my St. Ives (hey, I saw you roll your eyes at me! -_-) Smooth & Glow Apricot Exfoliating Body Wash. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this body wash. The scent, the scrub, the results – all are next to epic.


Now go run and get yourself a bottle. Go!

I also did a bit of clothing shopping, but I shall show you them in my next What’s Up Wednesdays post. The reason being, I bought them for my husband and my trip to Dubai for our anniversary celebration. I bought a pretty black dress from R&B and a lovely loose maroon top from LC Waikiki.

Obsessed I am with the current choker trend! I fell in love with this black and gold heart choker from Forever 21 so I just had to have it!


I was after the NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Soft Spoken for so long but it would always be out of stock. I got lucky yesterday and got my hands on it asap!

I love acrylic makeup storage so I got myself a flower shaped acrylic lipstick and lip liner holder.

Other things I bought were for our bathroom; floor mat, shower curtain, tumbler, soap dish – I’m redecorating!

And now, today, my husband I drove from Muscat to Dubai for our anniversary-honeymoon! Pictures and reviews in my blogpost next week!

Till then, take care.


Hiba x

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