What’s up Wednesdays? Anniversary Honeymooning in Dubai! Day 1

Hey there stunning people! How have you all been?

If you read my previous WUW post, you would know that my husband and I had been in Dubai for a couple of days in celebration of our first wedding anniversary. We had an amazing, much needed chilled out time to ourselves, thanks for asking!

I put some thought in how I should do this post; whether I write one long post or split it up in a couple of detailed posts. I came to the conclusion that it would be best if I split them up. Today’s post is of our first day in the city.

Note: I did not take pictures of each and every thing we did nor of all the meals. It wouldn’t be quality time for us if I had my camera glued to my hands, so please bear with me.

Hotel and Room Tour

We stayed at the newly opened Nikki Beach Resort and Spa at Jumeirah, which is an amazing beachfront hotel. Along with the location being stunning, the interior was very calm and welcoming. The staff was incredibly sweet and helpful. I loved that there was such a casual vibe in everyone working there, it made our stay a joy.





Our room was big and modern with epic lighting. It was very beautifully appointed. Sadly, we didn’t get the beach view, but we had the skyline shining bright at night in the distance from our balcony.



A spacious walk-in wardrobe to the left after entering the room





Lovely big bath

JaeWXsI (1)



In one corner of the room


Study area



Comfy bed


Mini bar and tea corner with a Nespresso machine


Spacious balcony


Downtown view

We drove to Dubai so we had gotten a quick lunch on the way. But for dinner, we went to this cute little place called Turkish Village at Jumeirah. We ate in the outdoors as the wind was glorious!


My husband and I are both Arabian food lovers. We had a scrumptious feast and ate a lot more than we should have.




It was my husband’s birthday the next day. So, later that evening, I gave him a birthday treasure hunt. I had been planning this for some time now, so it was real fun setting up all the clues and hiding the gifts along with them. I gave him a gift for each sense and added a couple senses of my own (taste, hearing, sight, touch, smell, heart, brain). I spread balloons across the room. He was pleasantly surprised when he entered! (Luckily he had to go out for a bit to take care of something – gave me some time to set up!)

It was an amazing start to the holiday.

More in my next post. Ciao!


Hiba x

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