Qibara Restaurant Review

Hello munchkins! What are you all up to today? Any plans for the weekend?

Speaking of the weekend, this is how I spent mine a couple weeks ago. So my family and I visited the Qibara Restaurant situated in the Seeb Market in Muscat, Oman. It was only by chance that we stumbled upon this little place and believe me when I say this, I knew it would be epic just by seeing the exterior. Now I don’t know if you’ve visited this market or not, but it’s not the best. It filled with a stretch of old local shops, so the dark and almost attractive exterior of Qibara was certainly out of place there.

I think that’s enough of the exterior. Now let’s get in. A tall, rustic wooden door leads the way into a dimly lit, spacious place that channels a very rustic vibe. Their cutlery is unique, stylish and oh so heavy! Before the waiter even arrives with the menu, you are sure to fall in love with the place.




We were presented with spiced popcorns as a complementary starter, which was very nice of them.

We then went ahead and ordered a selection of cold mixed meze and the Qibara fries.



The starters were all extremely yummy. The regular hummus had every flavour very balanced and the garlic hummus was absolute lurveee! Tabooleh I anyways die for and I loved the fact that they provided mixed pickles in the meze instead of some of the other items that are usually provided, which I’m not a fan of. Pickles, I LOVE. So two points for that, Qibara!


The selection of main course on our table was: Slow Cooker Chicken Breast, Pad Thai, Mixed Grill, Tandoori Chicken Wrap and Shuwa with rice.


Slow Cooker Chicken Breast


Pad Thai


Mixed Grill

My MIL ordered the wrap which she didn’t fancy as much. It was good, she said, but she felt like it wasn’t Qibara, if you know what I mean. But to be fair, we all thought it was a wrong choice, because if you order a tandoori wrap, it’ll taste exactly like that if you have it in a cheap coffee shop or in a fancy restaurant. Also, the Shuwa rice my brother in law ordered tasted really good, but he thought it was more like a roast than an actual shuwa. So yeah, but overall, we were happy with our meals. The portion size was pretty decent and after our food and drinks, (we got Water, two Lemon Mint Mojitos and I got the Mango Cinnamon Chill) we were stuffed to our necks to have desert. I have got it on my list to someday satisfy my sweet tooth with some of their selection of desert, because it looked pretty neat.


Tandoori Chicken Wrap


Shuwa Rice with a side of Vegetable Curry

Other than that, the Chicken I had was tasty, the Pad Thai was very authentic and excellent and the Mixed Grill was delicious! Plus, the great presentation added a perfect touch.

All in all, we loved the experience. The staff was friendly, the service was good, the ambience, the food, everything was lovely. Only complain I had was the smell. Since it was all wood on the inside, there was a certain smell that kept bothering me throughout. However, do keep in mind that I have a very strong sense of smell and the smell was probably not as pungent as it was to me. But it was there, nonetheless. I would appreciate it if they had some sort of light fragrance flowing in the place.

I would rate it a solid 4 out of 5. I will surely be going back to try the rest of the menu which had a diverse variety ranging from Pizza, Pasta, Grills, Wraps and Sandwiches, Seafood and some Arabian Specials. I would recommend you try them out too.

P.S. a little birdie told me that they have a great menu for Iftar Dinner which is different each day in the month of Ramadan and you know the BEST part? They are donating a meal for every dinner order. Isn’t that amazing?

Okay now gotta go. Bye!


Hiba x


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