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Hiya everybody!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, it would come as no surprise to you that myself and my hubby are big on food. We love trying out new places on the weekends and treat ourselves to a good proper dinner date at least once a month.

So this past weekend, I thought we would head to D’Arcy’s Kitchen in Jawaharat Al-Shatti, purely because I had never been there and the hubster always spoke well of it.

I’m very glad I made the choice because my word, it is such a darling little place! The name fits it perfectly because it seriously feels like you’ve entered an old lady’s kitchen in an English Cottage! It’s an adorable little place and a pleasure to be in.

Now onto the part you must be itching to skip to!

For starters, we ordered the Cheesy Garlic bread to share, which were delicious, needless to say. The cheddar cheese was on point, the right quantity to compliment the garlic flavour and a little stringy!


Our drinks of the day: I ordered the Iced Caramel Latte and my other half got himself a Lemon Iced Tea (which was home brewed by the way – not straight from the can. Two points for that!)

Both drinks were very inviting on the hot afternoon that it was.


For our main course servings, I got myself a Chicken Pasta with Red Sauce (I stupidly can’t remember the exact name). It was originally Fettucine but I requested it to be with Penne. It was served with a handsome helping of olives, cherry tomatoes and capsicum and was topped with parmesan cheese. It also came with a side of bread.

It was highly pleasant to the taste and was a huge serving portion. Only complaint I have was that it didn’t have any salt. Period. I had to use the salt shaker an unhealthy amount of time and it still needed more. Obviously this is personal preference, so I can’t say if the chef forgot to add it or the recipe is as such. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my meal.


For the hubs, it was the Beef Gyro, which was also very delectable.

I’m the french fries lover between us and I must say, I HIGHLY approve of these.

The gyro was a little oily, says the hubby, but was tasty still.

We had no place for desert after such a large meal, so our sweet tooth had to die for the day.

Overall rating for this place has to be a 9.5/10.

(Not quite sure why I’m deducting the 0.5 but I feel like giving a full 10/10 is a strong statement)

Lovely place. Noisy, but lovely. Great location. Reasonably priced. Good service by the staff, and a very good meal.

Looking forward to heading there someday to try their breakfast menu!

Until next time.


Hiba x

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