Anniversary Honeymooning in Dubai! Day 4 and 5!

Hi my beautiful readers! It feels like I haven’t talked to you guys for ages! How are you all doing today? How has February been for you so far? I’ve had such an exhausting week, my Lord, I could seriously use some time out.

Speaking of which, remember I told you I had another Dubai blogpost left? We were travelling for all of five days, two days for the road trip included. So I thought I would combine day 4 and 5 together, because honestly, I don’t have too much to write about. We wanted to enjoy the last of it as much as we could, which explains the lack of pictures. Nonetheless, let’s get on with it, shall we?



The Dubai Aquarium

So on the fourth and technically our last day, we did a lot of shopping. However, since I hadn’t had a chance to see the Dubai fountain yet (it was closed for a couple days), that was my priority. And I hadn’t step foot in Sephora for all those days. Imagine my patience.



The Dubai Fountain

Okay so here’s a fun story. Sameer and I were on the hunt for some store in Dubai Mall, can’t remember which, when we passed by Sephora. I had planned to visit later, after we were done with dinner, because I was hangry by that point. However, upon strolling by the store, Sameer asked me why it was so extremely crowded in there. I didn’t pay much attention, rolled my eyes at him and said, “It’s Sephora, we’re girls, do the math.” Mr. Oh so curious wasn’t satisfied, which in hindsight, I’m extremely thankful for. He entered and spotted a poster that read Mario Dedivanovic in store for his Anastasia Beverly Hills Master palette. I almost shat my pants, not gonna lie. Which makeup lover doesn’t love Mario? I mean, he singlehandedly changed makeup forever and we should all be thanking him for our chiseled not so chiseled cheekbones. Without blinking, I stood in line to meet him and have my photo taken. He was so unbelievably lovely and down to Earth, not what I expected at all! He signed me a copy of the flyer we were given for his palette and I asked him to sign my scarf as well. He wouldn’t sign it at first, stating he didn’t want to ruin it. Oh Mario, if only you knew, you made it my most special scarf! After that, I literally stood in line to get my copy of the picture for over an hour but none of that mattered. I had a million-dollar smile plastered to my face all that time! Saying that he made my day would be the understatement of the year!



Sephora Haul

Someone had suggested we try out the burgers at Five Guys, so we sat by the fountain and had an epic meal. If you’re a burger lover, you will surely love these burgers. Finger lickin’ good, trust me! They’re a regular in my dreams.



After that, shop shop and shop!

Next day, we checked out of Rove and headed to Festival City for everyone’s beloved Ikea. God knows why they don’t open one in Oman! Anyways, after spending too many hours shopping, we started our road trip back to Muscat. On the way there, we stopped by a horse stable in Sohar, Oman.


We had a quick McDonald’s and then home sweet home.

Sorry that this was such a short post. Expect a detailed one next week!

Take care.


Hiba x

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