Ginger Tea – Benefits in Pregnancy (or otherwise)

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Pregnancy is a time where the mommy to be wishes to only be content and cheery, but sadly that can’t always be the case. Often with pregnancy come pains and a bucket of problems that only cause greater and greater discomfort and in turn, increase our agitation. Our body becomes fragile thanks to our declining immune system. However, nature provides us with so much to send our troubles away, if only we could use them to obtain their maximum benefits. One such miracle cure is ginger. Yes, ginger.

From where I come, there’s apparently a long held belief that pregnant women should avoid all things that are warm in nature. As in the use of which would provide heat to the body. Ginger is definitely warm, so I was told to steer clear of it. I anyways can’t take the taste of raw ginger taken with food but I was of the habit of drinking ginger tea. However, towards the end of my pregnancy, I learnt that this belief is no more than a myth. Avoiding ginger for all terms and purposes is of no advantage, rather it takes away all the goodness one should be getting from it. And besides, ginger is such a popular flavour in the wintery months.

Curious enough now? Let’s take a look at what benefits drinking ginger tea can give us expecting ladies (or anyone for that matter).


  1. Ginger helps prevent ovarian cancer. I guess all women should strictly drink a cup daily, as we are all prone to suffer from such problems.
  2. Thankfully I didn’t experience it, but I believe a lot of preggo women suffer from constipation. So naturally, women with irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) may find their situation worsening during this time. Consuming ginger tea can make the world of a difference for them.
  3. Pregnancy makes you weak at the knees (literally) and all other bones and muscles get achy. Sipping on good ol’ ginger tea can help relieve some of that achiness too. Ginger tea consumption is also advised to middle-aged and old women and men who suffer from achy bones and joints.
  4. If you are diabetic, drinking ginger tea can help you manage your glucose levels better. I don’t want to explain the how because I haven’t done enough research on it and I would anyways suggest you ask your doctors opinion before consumption.
  5. Apparently, ginger helps absorb nutrients in our bodies more effectively, fulfilling our need to get greater nutrition in pregnancy.
  6. Now to the real nasty bit, morning sickness! Luckily, I escaped that part almost entirely (only a couple days in month 6), but for those who suffer from it, ginger tea or having it raw helps fight nausea and mitigate morning sickness.
  7. Argh the exhaustion and fatigue! Luckily, ginger tea boosts energy levels. After consuming a cup daily, you wouldn’t have to drag yourself forcefully off the couch. I wish someone had told me earlier!
  8. Stomach difficulties, including gastric issues, are a gift of pregnancy thanks to your ever growing uterus. Ginger is known to reduce that bloated and gassy feeling.
  9. Our immune system is practically shut during pregnancy which leads to increased chances of catching a cold, cough or any other common illness. (I had a horrible cough month 5 onwards and it didn’t go till after I delivered. If only I had known that I could take ginger!) Consumption of ginger helps boost the immune system and thus alleviate such allergies.
  10. Those pesky little pregnancy hormones can make this already stressful time even more so. Thankfully, ginger tea can help calm your emotions and beat stress.

Incredible, no? However, as with all things, ginger tea should not be consumed in excess. Stick to a cup or two per day and you’ll be good to go!

NOTE: Please don’t take my word for it and ask your doctor before consumption if you are pregnant, as he/she knows your body better. Ginger does have the above stated benefits, but each body is unique and may react differently.

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