Drink Tea According to Blood Type?

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Did you know that you should drink tea according to your blood type if maximum benefits are to be achieved? I recently learnt that this is the case so that’s what I shall be sharing with you today. There is also a way to drink green tea specifically as per blood type, so let me know if you would like to read about that as well.

I won’t be going into too detail with this article by stating all the various kinds of tea options, because honestly, I’m no nutritionist and haven’t heard half those names! So I’ll make it simple for me to tell and for you to understand.


Blood Type A:

The analytics and emotionalists, such peeps are prone to stress. To reduce their vulnerability, they should consume

  • jasmine tea, either on its own or with green tea, and
  • a mixture of thyme and marigold tea

Blood Type B:

Ones with the slow metabolism. This makes them susceptible to illnesses, indolence and thus obesity. The best teas for them are

  • organic green tea,
  • young green tea,
  • sage, and
  • lemon balm

Blood Type AB:

People with decreased libido. They should consume

  • mixture of mint and green tea,
  • peony, and
  • the men should consume a mix of nettles, rooibos and mint.

Blood Type O:

Such people are bothered by stomach acids and should avoid milk, beans and gluten. Drinks recommended for them are

  • ginger based tea,
  • green tea, and
  • ginseng

I think we should all give it a shot so that our teas can not only be a part of our drink routine, but also benefit us in what we need. Be sure to let me know if you adopt your recommended teas!

[Reference article: http://mamabee.com/whats-the-best-tea-for-your-blood-type/]


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