De-stress December: Dealing with Life

Hi my lovelies!

Feeling lost lately? Feel like everyone around you has interesting lives while you are stuck in the abyss between life and self-exploration? You are by no means alone. I have pretty much been in the same state recently so I found myself reading a couple of articles online to help me find purpose again. Those articles are actually the inspiration of this blog post here. I thought I might share the tips I found there and some that I find help me in such situations.

It is often challenging to figure out who we are and what we want out of life and the pressure of the other things and people around us doesn’t make it any less stressful. The key is to admit that you are lost and to simply not get stuck. Find your creative juices and let them flow. Let them lead you to creating the life that you wanted and the person you wanted to become. Remind yourself why you got lost in the first place and start this journey fresh, with renewed power and complete presence.

In order to find yourself, it is important to lose yourself. But remember, life is the messy bits. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way. They make up the shadows underneath your eyes and the fine lines around your mouth. Your mistakes define you. There is no such thing as a perfect life. The ride is wild and life is definitely a climb, but once you find your determination to stay committed, keep on track and you’ll eventually see the bright light shining at the end of the tunnel. That’s when you’ll know that you’ve discovered yourself.


Here are some tips to help you climb out of your current lost state and hopefully help you find yourself again:

  1. Self-acceptance.

Make peace with yourself and who you are. Nothing else will ever seem right in the world if you are at a constant war with yourself. Once you learn to conquer your insecurities and tame your fears, your inner light will shine so bright, happiness will run to you.

  1. Flawless doesn’t exist.

There is no such thing as perfect. Perfection is a lie. You need to stop trying to be like the people you think have perfect lives because one who tries so hard isn’t even attractive. You often lose yourself when you try to be someone else. Simply stop trying and let the original in you come out and play. There may be someone out there who is attracted to the thing you consider a flaw about yourself. Embrace your flaws and know that everyone has them.

  1. Being selfish isn’t always bad.

Learn to be selfish when it comes to yourself. I am not telling you to be a bad person, but find that perfect balance between selflessness and selfishness. Because, after all, you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to bring you true happiness. Putting your loved ones first isn’t wrong but putting yourself last isn’t right either.

Make time for yourself and know what you need. Learn to make your needs a priority too. You’d be surprised what a little ‘ME-time’ can do for your mind when you’re lost in the service of others.

  1. Change your perspective on the tough parts.


What’s good is easy to accept because it brings happiness. But when things get bad and tough, you run for the hills. That may seem to work but in doing so, you keep yourself from truly discovering the depths that reside in you. Life is not always picturesque, so take up the challenges it offers you when it does. Find the lesson hidden in everything and make your way out stronger.

  1. Looking back isn’t always wrong.

Do some soul searching by looking in the past. Try and remember who you were and what your dreams were before you lost yourself. Reconnect with the little girl (or boy) who thought she could do anything when she grew up. Find what you truly love, what you actually want, and take the leap. Put in everything you’ve got in your new found self.

  1. You are powerful. Remember that.

Once you have reconnected with yourself, it is important to know that you are in control of what you do and how you feel. The decision to feel lost and sad is your decision alone and the decision to do something about it is also your choice. You create the questions that arise in your head and you yourself have the answers to them. Don’t let your misery consume you. Try getting into yoga, meditation, journaling or whatever works for you to help you focus.

“Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you might yet be. Sometimes what feels like breaking down is really just breaking free.” -Cristen Rodgers


Take care.


Hiba x

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