De-stress December: 10 Steps to be Happy on a Bad Day

Hello my beautiful readers!

I’m sure you’ve had those days every now and then when nothing seems to got the way you want it to and you feel absolutely crap about yourself for no reason at all or when hardly anything can make you feel happy in the slightest. Yep, you’re not the only one. Even the happiest of people have such days and it’s very normal to. After all, we are all only human. You just need to know how to handle such days and moods and you’re good to go!

love-romantic-bath-candlelightThe following are ten easy steps to get you out of your misery and make you feel, if not super cheery, then at least a little less blue. Read away!

  1. Pamper yourself

Every girl likes a good pampering session, don’t we? So on a day when you don’t feel so good, busy yourself by giving your skin a better time than you’re having. Either go get yourself a manicure, pedicure or maybe some facials and massages done professionally at an amazing spa, or turn your bathroom into one! Put on some relaxing music, light a generous amount of candles around your bathroom (also on the side of your bathtub- but be careful!), turn the lights off and have a lovely bath. Give yourself a mani/pedi, do your nails and make them sparkly and pretty. Put on a face mask, lean back and just relax. Read your favourite book or catch up on your TV shows. You can even have a couple friends over and have a super girly day/night in, doing everything to make your body and skin feel lovely. Because a happy skin makes for a happy girl, right? ALWAYS!

  1. Yoga and meditation

Linking with the point above, do some yoga to really relax your mind and once again make you feel at peace with the world. Yoga not only benefits in terms of stretching your body, but also in making you feel a lot more positive about life. Try meditating as well while you’re at it. Not just on bad days, but try and make yoga and meditation a habit of yours for a better, positive and much happier life. I personally find even a couple minutes of meditation or mindful thinking to really ease up my mind. I agree, it’s hard at first to connect with your inner self, but a little practice and a whole lotta patience will get you there.

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  1. ME time

Now onto my personal favourite. Spend some quality time with yourself. You know, some ‘back off everyone, it’s ME time’ kinda time. Grab your best-loved book and just lounge around in your comfiest PJ’s and have a good read with a cup of tea in your dearest mug. Don’t know if choice of mug makes you excited or not. Certainly makes the world of a difference to me! (At the moment I am loving my mug I got from Next which reads, ‘tea is the answer to everything’ – hell yes it is!)

It’s the little things in life, baby, the little things. <3

Not a reader? (WHY!? Sorry, no judging) You could listen to some good music or watch a movie that you love. Preferably not something that would get the waterworks started, but anything that is a good laugh.

  1. Family time

Pretty darn opposite to the prior point, but, well, different things work on different days as well as different kinds of people. So if ‘me’ time doesn’t seem to make your world right, spend time with your family and loved ones. Sometimes we get so caught up in our work or study schedules that we hardly get to spend any time with the people that are close to us. And often that is the reason that’s getting us low, that we have missed our family and friends and need to be around them. Visit a friend or have a nice cup of tea with your mum or dad and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

P.s Sorry if I sound like Louisa Clark from Me Before You with all those epic tea references but honestly, I do believe it to be a magical solution!


  1. Put on your chef hat!

If you’re the kind of person who loves to bake or cook, then put on your apron, darling! There’s hardly a pleasure similar to the one you get by making others happy with your yum food. Let me paint you a little picture here. This is how it goes: You make a yummy dish. It looks pretty and you feel good about yourself (Mood lifted). You feed your loved ones. They like it – it puts a smile on their faces. (Having happy people around you. BONUS!) They tell you how amazing you are and it puts a smile on your face – a huge one. (Happy you – CHECK!) You dig in and fill your tummy with deliciousness made by you yourself. (Happy tummy equals to an even happier you – DOUBLE CHECK!) See what I’m talking about? Now hurry to your kitchen!

  1. Mall crawl

Go and buy yourself some pretty things. No need to go on a massive splurge spree or anything, you can buy a few small things or maybe nothing at all. You could go and have some ice-cream while window shopping and anyone can tell the difference in you. After all, it’s the simplest things in life that bring the most joy.


  1. Doll up!

‘Nuff said, no? For no reason, dress up nice, do something fancy with your hair, do your face all pretty and voila! Guaranteed smile on your face. You look better, you feel better. Also, this guarantees you taking loads of selfies and standing in front of the mirror admiring yourself. If this isn’t a good way to distract yourself, I don’t know what is.

  1. Nature time

Take a walk in a garden of flowers or at a beach. Just you by yourself and try to connect with the world. Listen to the birds singing sweet songs or the waves crashing at the shore (best sound in the world! *grabs sunscreen and car keys and heads to the beach*), admire the view, breathe in that fresh scent of sand and water or take in the scent of flowers and wet grass, take in the sun, and relax your mind. Admire the beauty this world so abundantly possesses and praise the Lord Almighty for his creations.


  1. Drive away!

No beach or garden? Not to worry! Go out for a ride. Either go with friends or on your own. Taking in some fresh air will do you wonders. Try to go somewhere with comparatively less traffic. Hit the road with blaring music and the windows rolled down.

  1. Do something selfless

Go out and do something nice. Something done solely for someone else’s benefit. Buy something nice (doesn’t have to be big and fancy, just something small yet thoughtful) for a loved one and take in their positive energy when their faces reflect the happiness you’ve just brought there.

You could also just help some stranger out, like helping someone disabled or giving a little in charity. This will make you feel better and also thankful for everything you have.


Hiba x

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