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Spring Reading Collaboration

Hello munchkins! What are you all up to today? How has your day been so far? Oh, and who’s excited for Spring? Speaking of which, I’m sure you’ve heard of spring cleaning. Well, how do you feel about spring reading, eh? This blogpost right here is a collaboration brought to you by myself and the lovely face behind @bookgirlingmoments on Instagram…read more
Health and Wellbeing

De-stress December: Dealing with Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder (Moderate levels)

Hello there! Before I begin, I’d like to emphasize that I am in no way talking about dealing with high levels of anxiety or social anxiety disorder as I personally do not suffer from it. However, I do experience a certain, lesser significant level in particular situations. There are many articles on coping with full on anxiety, so I thought…read more
Health and Wellbeing

Ginger Tea – Benefits in Pregnancy (or otherwise)

Hello friends! Pregnancy is a time where the mommy to be wishes to only be content and cheery, but sadly that can’t always be the case. Often with pregnancy come pains and a bucket of problems that only cause greater and greater discomfort and in turn, increase our agitation. Our body becomes fragile thanks to our declining immune system. However,…read more