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Hello little sprinkle topped muffins!

How has your long weekend been? (if you live in the Gulf, you’ll know what I’m talking about)

Let me know the fun stuff you and your family have been up to in the comments down below!

I had a long mall trip and our family had a barbeque on the beach, which were both equally fun and satisfying.

(Little secret: I will be posting a different type of haul blogpost on Max Fashion soon – keep an eye out! It was sort of a challenge haul that I did!)

So onto today’s blogpost, let’s talk beauty.

I will be going through my current favourites with you all today, so this will be a more talkie post. Grab yourself a cuppa tea and a cookie and sit back.

Got it?



First up, powder.

I’ve been loving the Maybelline Fit Me range for years now. If you read my blog, you would know that I’m obsessed with their Matte and Poreless foundation and their concealer. Holy grails right there. So it was only fitting to go and try out their Matte and Poreless Powder.

Guess what? I love it just as much!

The powder is very finely milled, which makes it perfect for underneath the eyes. It does not make the skin look heavy at all whatsoever.

It almost blurs the pores on the skin and gives it the most beautiful satin finish. The finish is very similar to the Matte and Poreless foundation. A slightly dewy matte – i.e. SATIN or VELVETY finish.

I got mine in the shade 120 Classic Ivory, which is the same as my foundation. I find that this is my perfect skin shade.


Love it!


Next, eyes.

Specifically, those pesky little dark circles.

I have been obsessed with the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer Peach Corrector for the past three months. I have written a full review on it, click HERE if you wish to check it out. But if you want a quick little trailer, here goes.

What I love best about the L.A Girl Peach Corrector (not that I have tried any other correctors to compare it to) is that it is GREAT yet SO AFFORDABLE. It’s drugstore but really lives up to the hype. Corrects beautifully, blends easily, concealer goes over it smoothly, and voila, you are left with a bright under eye area! It blends well with the skin and doesn’t leave a harsh pink pigment after blending. I would highly recommend!


Still on the eyes.

Another product you must have heard me rave about is the Essence 2 in 1 eyeshadow and liner pencils. These are LOVE. I have four shades in the range, I am only showing two below. But that’s because I feel like these are the best of the four. The formula is on point, they are actually waterproof, (I did a waterproof test on them by running the swatches under water on my Instagram Story a while back) and the colours are bea-ut!

Read full review HERE.


Now onto a product you haven’t heard me talk about at all. Let’s chit chat lips.

I have been trying out the Essence 2 in 1 Lipstick and Liner Matt Matt Matt lippie thing in the shade FILL IN THE BLANK. To be honest, it isn’t the best at lasting on me lips.

Why is it a fave, I hear you ask?

It found its merry way here to my favourites because of how easy it is to wack on. I could probably put it on perfectly in my sleep. (Too much? Yeah, I thought so, too.)

It is a great shape which makes perfect sense to call it a 2 in 1 lipstick and liner. It goes on like butter but has a nice velvet finish. It looks beautiful and is very easy to top up. Doesn’t get flaky nor does it bleed.

One issue as mentioned earlier is the lasting power. It does rub off easily and doesn’t really leave a stain or anything. As soon as you eat or drink something, it’s gone. Another con is the product size. The amount you see on it is just about what you’re getting. It isn’t a pencil you can sharpen nor twist. That is a bit of a downer, but I guess for the price you pay and that easy going formula, I still like it.


Onto face brushes.

Now I have been all over beauty sponges and they have been all over my face ever since the epic beauty blender came into existence. I never looked back. Foundation, concealer, cream contour, you name it. I blend it all in with my trusty Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (boy that sucker’s name is a pain in the behind to type!).

Which explains why I never caved to try the Artis style oval makeup brushes that have been conquering the makeup world.

Recently, I attended a makeup workshop here in Muscat where the lovely makeup artist, Isma Imran, was raving about the Omnia Cosmetics oval brushes. I made a mental note to maybe give them a try. But, as fate had it, there was a challenge in that Workshop which I won, (thank you, thank you) and I was gifted the entire brush set from the brand! What a win!

Needless to say, I LOVE them. Two of them in particular. The largest one I use for foundation and a smaller one for contour (both cream and powder). I haven’t played around with the other brushes enough but these are just the bomb dot com! They are super soft to the skin, like SO soft. The brushes are dense and therefore cream products blend like a dream. I have never blended in foundation as quick before. Literally takes a minute! No streaks, no patchiness. Just beautiful! It makes the foundation at one with the skin and gives it the most natural finish without taking away the coverage. It is heaven sent, trust me. You need this in your life.

The above goes with the other smaller brush as well. Love love love.


That’s about it for today.

Let me know what you are loving nowadays and I’ll give them a try if I haven’t already!

Look forward to a body care favourites coming up next week.

Until then, tata.


Hiba x

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