Wadair’s Frankincense and Green Tea Body Scrub

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So, today’s review is on a fabulous skincare/bath product. It is especially exciting for me to write this because this product is by a local Omani Beauty Supply Store/Brand that goes by the name Wadair’s. It’s always thrilling when a local brand just nails it!

Wadair’s offer incredible organic, homemade skincare and body care products that are literally healthy food for your skin. Plus, the owners are just the sweetest ladies and it is a pleasure to talk to them.

A while back I ordered their organic Frankincense and Green Tea Body Scrub, simply because it sounded too good to be true. Any kind of frankincense takes me to my happy place. Typical Arab at heart I am.

This body scrub comes in the cutest packaging and in a great quantity for the price, which is just wow.

Now, let us talk scent. As soon as you unscrew the lid, you enter scent heaven! It smells so exotic and luxurious; I wish somebody would have invented smell-o-vision by now so you could know exactly what I’m going on about. It’s just the perfect choice of frankincense, which is neither too heady nor sweet, just enough. It gives off almost a cool minty feeling as well, which allows you to further relax. I personally can’t smell the green tea, so any of you who are a little thrown off by that, don’t worry. This smells heaven-like. Trust me.

Next up, the actual product. This is an organic, sugar based scrub that is meant to exfoliate with the sugar beads and moisturize and soften your skin with the oil. Green tea is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties for skin. In addition to that, while you’re scrubbing away your dead skin, the frankincense oil that this scrub contains is supposed to relieve you of your stress. Win-win, if you ask me! What more could a girl want out of a pampering session?

I am thoroughly impressed with this gem! It does everything that it claims to do and more. My skin is left clean, refreshed, soft and smelling oh-so-good! It has quickly become a favourite of mine (and my husband, tbh!).

You will LOVE this scrub. Trust me. No doubts, no regrets.

Definitely repurchasing.

P.S. Check out the other amazing line of products Wadair’s have and be sure to try them out. I’m their biggest fan.

Also, these girls have THE MOST STUNNING eyelashes ever seen on the face of the earth. Lucky for us, they are sharing their little family secret in the shape of an Eyelash Serum. You can get that along with their other products right HERE.

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