Nivea Men After Shave Balm as a Primer!?

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After reading the title if you are wondering what in the sane heck I’m talking about, you have obviously been living under a rock for all this time. A huge one at that too. Some time late 2015, everyone on YouTube was raving about this insane (-ly good) primer hack- using the Nivea Men After Shave Balm as a primer! Ever since, this super cheap yet effective primer dupe has been running around YouTube and amongst all beauty freaks. I bought this a long time back, right after seeing YouTuber Kathleen Lights’ video on the product. Read on more to learn my thoughts!


The product itself:



Obviously, not being a primer at all, Nivea has no such claims for me to quote here. However, I use the sensitive one from their range. It has 0% Alcohol and thus claims to cause ‘no burning’. The product comes out runny, but not too runny, and is white at first. However, once you start working it in, it goes completely sheer. It has a strong manly scent (the sexy kind) but that too fades away once you let it sit for a bit.



Product comes out white and a little runny



Starts becoming sheer when blended


My thoughts:

I heard that this product was a complete failure for some people as a primer but that was because they were using it wrong. It is to be kept in mind that we are not using an actual primer that would have all primer-like properties. The consistency of this post shave balm is a little runny and not tacky or gel-like at all. But the trick is to keep working with it till it becomes tacky eventually. This usually takes about half a minute or less. You should make sure to not use too much product as well. Then, once it’s tacky, apply your foundation and beat the rest of your makeup on your face as per usual.

Honestly, this stuff works perfectly! It makes my makeup last a long time, even in hot, humid weather. I even found that my highlight didn’t budge with this thing. I didn’t have any skin issues so far, even though my skin is super duper sensitive. It is extremely affordable and a great product.

My verdict:

9/10. Works amazingly, super affordable, very accessible. Fab!


Hiba x

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