Isa Dora Strobing Fluid Highlighter – Warm Glow

Remember when I was going all gaga over the Nyx Liquid Illuminator? Gone are those days because of this baby!

Oh, sorry, I forgot to properly welcome y’all. Oopsi!

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Today’s blogpost is all about highlighting your entire face again. As you can gather by the word vomit I had at the beginning of this blogpost (I’m not kidding, I actually forgot to say hello in excitement), I have been absolutely in love with the Isa Dora Strobing Fluid Highlighter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking back anything I said about the Nyx Illuminator. But this one is just so GOOD.

I think the packaging is great. It comes in a decent sized tube that has a pump and a cap for it. The tube feels lovely as well, not that you care about how it feels. But it’s a nice bonus.

Onto the actual product now.


Warm Glow

The highlighter is like melted glow, if you ask me. It’s pretty creamy and easy to blend on the face. I prefer to use it all over my face after primer and before foundation for an overall glow. It blends easy over a base and allows the foundation to blend nicely over it without streaking. The application of this strobe fluid doesn’t particularly affect the longevity of your makeup. It doesn’t make you any shinier or oilier than you would usually get.


Warm Glow

It comes in two beautiful shades, Cool Glow and Warm Glow. I have the one in Warm Glow, which is a gorgeous champagne gold. Its’s not the kind that makes you look bronzy, which the Nyx one does slightly. This just makes you look like a glowing queen.


I love this product and I would definitely repurchase.

5/5 for me.

Do give it a try!



Hiba x


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