HOW TO: Choose your perfect foundation shade

Hi my beautiful girls!

Choosing the right shade of foundation for your skin may seem easy to some and daunting to others. However, it is a bit tricky, which is why we see so many girls and women wearing absolutely off shades it honestly looks creepy. So today I’ll be sharing with you some easy steps to avoid looking like a pale ghost or extra tanned beauty when the rest of your body clearly isn’t. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. Determine your undertone

Many women make the mistake of choosing their shades according to how light or dark they are, which isn’t wrong, but that just isn’t about it. You should first determine your undertone. We can either be neutral, cool or warm.

You are cool if:

  • you have more pink than yellow in you
  • you turn pink or red in the sun
  • your veins seem blue

You are warm if:

  • you have more yellow than pink in you
  • you turn bronze or dark in the sun
  • your veins seem green

You are neutral if:

  • you have both, blue and green veins
  1. Choose foundation base colour as per your undertone

Cool: You need to pick a foundation with a rosy, red or blue-ish base.

Warm: A foundation with a golden or yellow base will work for you.

Neutral: You, well, you need the neutral bases.

  1. Test it on your skin

Now that you’ve narrowed your shades down with (hopefully) the right undertones, you need to put them to the test.

If you don’t have a tan and your face matches your neck:

Apply a little foundation with your fingers or a Q-tip to the centre of your jawline and blend it along the side of your face. If it blends invisible, it is perfect!

If you have a tan and your face and chest mismatch:

Apply a little foundation on your chest and blend it out there, similar to as you would do on your face as stated above, if your neck is tan and your face paler. However, if your face still has some colour left and your body’s tan is completely gone, you need to stick to the shade of your face and warm up your neck and chest later with a bronzer.


  1. Need to buy a foundation online? Find your best bet!

Sometimes you may not have access to a foundation near you, which means you can’t test it out on your skin. In such situations, it’s best to take an existing shade of foundation which you know works perfectly for you and find its best possible match online. I love using the Foundation Matrix on the Temptalia website [] for this. I can’t guarantee an absolute match, but you’re sure to get the closest one.

I hope this helped!


Hiba x


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