Happy 2017!

Hi my lovely readers!

A very Happy New Year to you all!


For today’s post, I thought I would just sit down and wish you all a lovely new year’s day. Whether you celebrated last night, today or even if you just sat at home watching the fireworks from your window, you can’t deny that extra bit of energy that you feel. New year is the time when our hopes, aspirations and resolutions are new and we are all just feeling them positive vibes. Make the most of that feeling and commit to yourself to be a better person, to follow your dreams more than you did last year and to just be happy more so than not. Because trust me, you deserve it all. You are worthy of every inch of happiness there is to be found on this planet, but you have to know that your happiness is in your hands alone. Don’t like something? Change it. Do something about it, anything, because if you don’t you’ll be stuck there feeling sorry for yourself, waiting for some fairy tale prince to sweep you off your feet. Well, guess what? Even he won’t find you if you’re not willing to be found.

So just be willing and positive and love whatever it is that you do. Live in the moment, literally every second of the day. Because much sooner rather than later, it will be 2018 and you’d be amazed at how quickly the year swooshed by and sorry that you didn’t make the most out of it. Get up, get off your feet and JUST. LIVE.

Here’s wishing everyone a promising and fulfilling year!

P.S. It is also our first wedding anniversary today, so I gotta go cuddle my hubby. Kthanksbye.

Hiba x

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